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About Jamboo Headphones

Jamboo was founded to create a new twist in the traditional headphone market. Most headphones look the same, for the most part sound the same and don't forget they get tangled at a moment's notice. We set out to solve these problems; while making people look good, feel great, and stand out from the rest. Jamboo Headphones are made out of bamboo and wrapped in colorful threads inspired by nature. We make an affordable, durable, and stylish pair of tangle free headphones that you can show off to your friends, while enjoying superior sound quality. We've also included our very own Jamboo Leash to hang your headphones from your belt loop, purse, backpack, and more. It's time to infuse some individuality into the headphone market. It's time to #StandOutJamOut!

Tangle Free