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Jamboo Headphones are designed with top quality Bamboo on the earpeices, middle connector, and headphone jack. Bamboo is the most eco-friendly wood on this planet because of its rapid growth and short life span. Add a bit more uniqueness and you will notice our headphone cords are woven with cotton thread, basing color ways off nature inspired themes. Our method of thread weaving allows your headphones to be tangle free while providing superior sound quality.

Jamboo Leash

Each pair of headphones comes with a custom designed headphone leash. Our headphone leash allows easy access while providing a unique fashion flair. You can wear it on your belt loop, backpack, yoga bag, purse, and everywhere in between. Never waste your time looking for your headphones again.




Every pair of Jamboo headphones comes with our real Bamboo Microphone. This mic allows you easy hands-free talking on any mobile device. With a Start/Stop button and superior sound quality through your earbuds, hands-free talking has never been so stylish.


Headphone Specifications:

Frequency response ~ 20Hz -20 KHz
Impedance ~ 16Ω±15%
Drive Unit ~ 6U Mylar, Inner speaker~ Ø10mm
Sensitivity ~ 100±3dB
Rated Input Power ~ 3mW
Cable length – 1.2M
Plug ~ 3.5mm, gold plated
+/- 3dB deviation of two speakers
Safe and green eco-glue to stick the housing
Oxygen-free copper
3 silicone ear inserts (S,M,L)
Black aluminum housing

Keep headphones away from water and sweat.
Lower volume before plugging headphones into device.
Avoid listening for prolonged periods at high volume, this may damage hearing.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
The carabiner on Jamboo Leash is not made for climbing. Don't hang anything over 1 pound.

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