About Us


The Beginning

Jamboo Headphones simply started as an idea between two So-Cal childhood friends. After creating a uniquely organized campaign on the well-known funding website Kickstarter, we began to see Jamboo Headphones come to life. With a 30 day goal to reach $12,000, you customers showed that you believed in Jamboo as much as we did. After raising over $20,000, we have put the raised earnings  towards providing our customers with a unique, cost efficient, and stylish headphone in today’s cluttered headphone market.

Kickstarter x Jamboo


Our Story

As 2015 began, JAMBOO Holdings LLC found itself in the hands of new partnership. Bringing in a successful banker/real estate mogul, a successful contractor for over 30 years, a manufacturing master who previously owned T&C Hawaii and a young salesman and design junky has created the perfect team that all desire to take JAMBOO to the next level. 



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